MCA175, Butterfly and Flower Head Dish

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Copper Enamel Fine and St/Silver

13.3 cm dia.

By Anne McArdle

A piece for sunnier days. To complete this enamelled piece, twelve short firings have been done which had to be cooled and cleaned between each. The enamel can be no thicker than the metal. The base has 3 thin layers. The decorative side had two layers fired at 890°C. Fine silver foil circles was applied and fired at 750°C. Two layers of silver flux are fired over the foil to protect it and to preserve the colours of the next transparent layer of the flower heads. Separation enamel is applied to the flowerheads and fired. The final layer has several butterfly decals fused to the piece and silver mica in small areas.

Glass, enamel, copper, fine silver, floral, butterfly, butterflies, insects, red, pink, sunny days, summer