DEM210, Fresh as a Daisy

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  • £550.00

Oil on Arches Oil Paper

76 x 96 cm framed

By Sarah de Mattos

Fresh as a Daisy was created during Lockdown as part of a series of Floral Still Lifes. They were all painted from life just using flowers that were growing in my garden. They were gathered in bundles and placed informally in buckets and jugs and jam jars and spread around my studio as inspiration. Fresh as a daisy in particular is an amalgam of lots of different flowers that I selected from several different displays. It was such a joy to have access to so many lovely living and flourishing plants. They surrounded me with endless colour, shape, scent and structure. For me, the determined continuation of nature amidst lockdown was both humbling and inspiring. It also however made me acutely aware of how lucky I am to have a garden and a private space in which to immerse my senses and feed my soul - For this privilege, I am eternally grateful. This painting is presented with a soft white mount and a neutral light coloured moulded wooden frame.


Painting, Floral Still Life, Nature, Flowers, Garden, Countryside, fresh flowers, colours of nature